Dear All,
The virus-situation is sorrowful, and wellbeing today is important more than ever. In the past few days, a lot of us must have spent more time at home than usual, and practically realized the importance of home comfort. Now it is a good time to start a new hobby without going anywhere and to create a relaxing environment with plants and design elements. Natural aesthetic beauty is essential because it is also a way to lower levels of stress and anxiety. Moreover, it increases happiness and at the same time, plants help concentrate better in the home and workplace.

My goal with TillaPallo products is to bring more joy to people’s everyday life in their living spaces. Assembling an air plant terrarium is a creative and interesting thing to do at home while taking care of a new plant can help to learn to pick up new routines easier.

TillaPallo air plant terrariums contain exciting air plants and hand-picked decoration materials from the Nordic nature. Our glass orbs are designed by us and blown locally at Lasi-Kostamo, a traditional glassblower family's manufacture. TillaPallo comes from Turku, Finland, where Elias Tillandz, the godfather of air plants was a professor at the academy. Air plants are very easy to take care of as they don't need soil to live, just a spritz of water couple of times a month.
We would like to offer a unique home decoration ornament with an individual concept, which fits well with Nordic design, handmade in Finland, while being a curiosity for plant-lovers.

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